Save Your Economy /Save on Child Protection programs

Governments all over the world spend billions on failed Child Protection programs. Virginia Lawton Children Show is a self learning entertaining unique short film that will teach children and parents how children can protect themselves from abuse, abduction & other ,how and when it is appropriate to say NO . The script is registered and casting is about to commence.    The film will   be distributed through Film Festivals nationally and internationally, then sold on DVD to Schools, pre schools, child care centres and Individuals. Child Protection in Queensland – ABC Queensland – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)               

                               Child Protection in            There are around 9,000 children on child protection orders in Queensland this year, it’s a massive amount and is still rising. Tim Carmody has been Gone in 90 seconds – how long it takes to abduct a child ALL it takes is 90 seconds. You turn your head away from a child in a public playground, and they’re gone. Inquiry radical shake-up of Queensland’s child protection services A Commission of Inquiry calls for a radical-shake up of child protection services across Queensland. Donations for the film can be made via information on

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