True Psychic

True Psychic

See photos below of my 2nd wedding. I predicted my husband at the time and I told him he would end up in a wheel chair. Sad Story. He went around telling everyone I was mad. 5 years after our divorce he had a fall, injured his spine and has been in a wheel chair ever since. The first time I saw him in a wheel chair my heart bleed for him. He told me he had a near death experience. He saw the light and had to decide to go back and face it or move on. He decided to come back and face it. If you look at the photos you will see us signing the registration papers. The other photo is of his parents and what I thought was my so called best friend. She was with many other having an affair with my husband at the time. This led to our divorce . We still keep in touch occasionally. It is good to see he gets around in spite of his disability. Virginia Lawton

While you can see in the photos what looks like a man happy to be getting married and in Love with me at the time.  He proved to be an individual of very bad behaviour.  Had an affair with not only some of my so called friends, but also with his ex defector’s sister.  Who was married at the time.  I found out from a tarot card reading.  However when I confronted him about having an affair he thought his mother had told me.  His Mother was still in contact with his ex De Facto as he had two children to her.  So thinking his mother had told me he confessed.  I recall some time prior to the truth coming out he asked me to go to a dinner with the woman he was having an affair with and her husband.  Fortunately for some reason I passed.  We did not go .How arrogant to expect us all being together at the same dinner table.   Since he has been in a wheel chair he has apologised to me and said he did not appreciate me at the time.  What does it take for some to learn their lessons.  He probably wishes every day he could turn back the clock and behave in a more GodLike manner.   

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