We Punish Ourselves

We Punish Ourselves

Let us learn our lessons.  No Pain No Gain  Learn from Jesus.



When we do something and we finally realise we made a bad decision or big mistake we often punish ourselves.  Often go into depression.  Not clinical depression, just shutting ourselves away to reflect and review and in turn hopefully learn our lesson.  If we do not learn we repeat the mistake and guess what.  We face the same situation again until we get it correct.

If we do not get it correct we take it with us to the afterlife.  Where ever we go.  Then perhaps if you believe in reincarnation back to earth with that lesson still to learn. All the hardship to go through again until we stop and say no I will do it right this time.  

For example  Those Who  make Money their God.  They have a big lesson to learn.   Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else will come to you.  And it does.  Another example suicide will not stop the pain. You will also see all those who loved you suffer.   You will take the pain  with you. Then you will have to face all the hardship again until you can say no suicide this time.   So lets get it write the first time. God Bless You All


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