Jesus. Help to love like you love, serve like you serve, speak only words of TRUTH

English: A representation of Mary, mother of J...

English: A representation of Mary, mother of Jesus Français : Une représentation de Marie, mère de Jésus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Believer.  I know we call it Good Friday.  And thank God for Jesus to come to earth to teach us how to live our lives.  But I can not help every Good Friday crying all the way through the service.  As a compassionate person and being one with The Father and the Son. It makes me sad to even think of the pain and suffering Jesus suffered for the good of mankind . How would Mother Mary have felt.  I attend St Marys in Sydney when I can.  The feeling I get from just walking into that church is indescribably wonderful.  I am Gods faithful servant & some have described me as an angle.  I have done some amazing things for the good of many, but for me it is never enough. However to get the amazing results I have suffered, but as a believer I always know God has my back.  That makes me take risks to achieve results that makes an individual or many somewhat or a lot better off for my intervention. Some say just being in my presence or talking to me makes them feel better.  I thank God for such a gift and the trust that has been placed in me.  I use that gift every minute of the day I can.  I find it difficult to read the bible.  Those who study it for years and give us the interpretation I give thanks to. I give extra thanks to the Community Radio station in Sydney Australia  103.2 as they give a contemporary account and then refer it back to the verse and chapter of the bible.  It is easy to understand and endorses faith for so many.  I love their music and they have many on air  who give such amazing messages.  I also order books from various speakers on 103.2 or other Television stations broadcasts.  They remind me of what I recall learning as a child.  As a small child I took to Christianity like a fish to water. Well I guess one of my points is no pain on gain. I pray in the dialog manner.  I rarely ask God for things, only when I am at my lowest , but most days for simple guidance for each day.  When I have my dialog with God every night I pray for others and listen to what God has to say to me. More recently I had this craving to be able to glorify God before the largest audience I could possible have.  I have found even Twitter is a good start.  But I know God has bigger plans for me. I know that some Christians do not believe in Psychic Mediums.  Some say it is the work of the devil.  They are ignorant . Jesus always knew ahead of time.  While a psychic medium is not anywhere as pure as Jesus, therefore their messages are less clear.  However I find the more you live your live as pure as you possibly can  the more accurate and clear the messages come through .  I can not deny being a psychic medium as when I am quiet in bed or meditation state I have angels, guides come through me in a language I can not understand or speak. I see things other do not see.  God gives me information ,  others do not have. With it come guidance how to use the information.   But given God has gifted me with so many other talents to earn a living I have never taken money for giving Psychic readings.  Only do them for Charity events or public gatherings or those I come across and know they are in need of a message from above. I reserve that gift to give back all the God has given me.  I hope some of you who may read this understand.  God Bless you all   Virginia Lawton

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