Customer Support for a purchase under warranty

When you go  purchase a product do you get any proper assistance with choosing.  Often the salesperson is in such a rush to get to the next customer they give you little information. Not enough staff to service customers.    Then there is the problem that the salesperson may no nothing about the item.   Nor can you get anyone in the store who might know , but they are often  too busy to properly  explain. Then when you make a purchase under warranty and there is something wrong with it the service is not good.  This particularly applies to IT items.  Like Mobile Phones , Computers, Televisions Hard Drive recorder for you current Television.

I recently purchased a Hard Drive recorder for my television.  Well what a stressful situation it is to have to go through in getting it to work .

It only has one feature that will not work.  After the store contracted a company to install and give instructions how to use this is what occurred.

First person had me wait all day at home and then called I am running late and will need another date.  Gave him another date then he came and  installed . He gave me little instructions and needed to run out the door in a hurry.   So I contacted the install company and they sent another.  He gave me instruction & set it up to use the Television  remote for half the process to record and the other TV remote to do the second half of the record process. Still could not get the one function that does not work. Then the install company contacted the store and told them it was the machine and please replace it.  So they did. Good store  HARVEY NORMAN BONDI JUNCTION SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

Then the one function would not work so I called again the install company .  This time they sent the manager out.  He spent considerable time with me and I wrote it all on my computer instead of notes, as we went through the functions to record.

Still the one function of not being able to record ahead of time, only for the day you are in did not work.  All other functions worked.  I used them that day several times, but could not get to the part to program for a day ahead.  If that is all it could do I would have chosen a different product.

I am of the belief that the manufacturer had not told the store HARVEY NORMAN BONDI JUNCTION, if they had why would they send me another machine that had the same problem.

Then I called the manufacturer THAT’S LIFE several times commencing in the morning, kept getting a call back system.  I called them at least 5 times as I was concerned that I may be on my home phone when they might call me back.  So I then left messages with my mobile phone number. First call back I got just before 7PM that night was an employee of THAT’S LIFE told me outright that THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT PARTICULAR ITME AND THEY ARE TRYING TI FIX IT.  In the meanwhile he gave instructions how to do the complicated download from their website, must be on a USB stick with nothing else on it. Then put the USB into the hard drive recorder.   I took notes.  However I do not want to do that as I may get it incorrect and I should have been told when I made the purchase.  I would have chosen a different product.  However again I say I am of the view  the store had no knowledge of this problem.

Then a second person from THAT’S LIFE called me around just after 7PM .  He tried to fixt it. he was using the manual and gave me the page.  He changed the settings from audio to manual.  He still could not fix it.

I had him show me how to change the settings back to audio as given I had used it that day for shows of that day several times to get used to the instructions I had on my computer it worked as the Manager of the install company had said it is programed into the show  does not matter if the network is early or late it will just give you the program.  And it did nothing before and nothing after, just the program.

HARVEY NORMAN BONDI JUNCTION has now agreed to have a courier pick up the machine tomorrow and I can go to the store and choose another product.

How much stress do we all have to endure for the poor customer service.  I had a bad experience a couple of years ago with a purchase of a mobile phone in Brisbane Queensland Australia.  The only reason that one was resolved was because I tole them I would send out a media release as I had all the media outlets address in my computer.  I was just about to press the send button and the regional manager call me with a resolution

What can we do about this.  What about people who do not have media contacts or other ways to get a proper service under  warranty.  I am going to think of something that might assist us all if I can .  Is it economics ?  Is it world wide or just Australia ?


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