Corpution By Life’s Good Selling faulty products &; not informing Store

This situation continues. Life’s Good still not taking any responsibility, or resolve the problem. . I am still left with the faulty product.


LIFE’GOOD sell products to stores without telling the store, a fault with the particular product. A long process with Contracted installer attending 3 times, inclusive of the Manager no solution found. Installer company , got Store to give me a new machine as they said  machine fault. Same with the new machine . So I contracted manufacturer . Extremely poor customer service by LIFE’S GOOD. Called around 5 times  in the morning  end up getting a call back at 7pm .  LIFE’S GOOD Technician said there is a fault with that particular product & we are trying to correct it. Said you will need a new USB nothing on it & go to Life’s Good website & download the program on to your computer via USB Then place USB into the device (hard drive recorder ).  Problem is will not allow you to program in advance.  Only what is on that day.  I told the…

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