Our Failing Health System in Australia.

Been unwell lately in Australia.  Our health system is at one of its lowest.  Not enough staff to attend to patients in or out of hospital.  Patients left in pain while  pressing nurse button and waiting for over an hour for a response. Medical Staff inexperienced looking after patients.  I have seen it all and experienced it all recently.  Some staff very judgemental. I was placed in a ward with patients that had drug and many social  problems .  I had to listen to it all day and night long.  Made me unable to concentrate on my own recovery.  Had only 2 hours sleep each night .

Close to 9  years ago my daughter in Law died at 26 years of age of a massive heart attack 9 days after she gave birth to my granddaughter. About to turn 9 soon.    Image      She had heart problems during the pregnancy, but was told to wait until she had the baby and then they would call in a heart specialists.   Well she gave birth and every day after either my Son or her father took her back to the public hospital and they keep sending her home.  Then 9 days later she died. All staff could say was  “it does not usually happen that fast ”     

So I added my Son and   two grandchildren to my health fund.  They were kind enough for me to pay family rate instead of single rate and have all 4 of us on my private health insurance. Well in spite of me having private health insurance the emergency departments are only in the public hospitals and I had to recently  go by ambulance who took me to the nearest public hospital.  In spite of me using my private health insurance and remaining in a public hospital as a private patient the health service was appalling.  It probably made me worse.  Eventually I just wanted to go home.  Still very unwell and my local GP is trying to get me into a private hospital with the services I need.  Well what at task indeed.  Other relatives I have are not in a private health fund and have to wait for elective surgery in serious pain for years .

Australia needs an improved health system.  


3 thoughts on “Our Failing Health System in Australia.

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  2. lawton37 Post author

    St Vincent’s Public Hospital is one of the worst in the system. NSW Ambulance also needs a review. They make accusations that are not true and they do not look up their records. They suggest you call the ambulance on a regular basis. I can tell you from my own experience I have only called an ambulance once in my 59 years of life . On other occasions it has been the advice line from medicare or the Nurse from the HCF home Doctor visit service.
    This is because I was suffering from serious loss of speech, lack of breath, trembling, unsteady on my feet, sensitive to light, itchy eye, chronic fatigue .slurred speech or lost of speech, dizzy, bumping into things, unable to concentrate, part incorrect use of words. slow movements, headaches at times told I looked sick gaunt, almost ready to faint if going out of bed & out of the home. This occurred when I visited my local GP.
    One ambulance officer suggested I was suffering from post traumatic stress. Yet when my neighbour looked up the net I did not have one single symptom of post traumatic stress. The NSW Ambulance and the St Vincent’s Public hospital need a serious review .


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