Real True Proof of karma also know as “The seed you sew you shall reap”

Proof of Karma

Also known as “The seed you sew you shall reap” PROOF OF KARMA OR KNOWN AS THE SEED YOU SEW YOU SHAL REEP  I was married for the second time. My now x husband had sex with many others during our short marriage, including with my so called best friend, & his previous partner’s sister, who was also married at the time. I found out through a tarot card reading. However he did not know how I found out & thought his mother had told me, so when I confronted him he admitted.

On reflection I recalled my husband at the time suggesting we have dinner with his previous partner’s sister & her husband. This was one of the women who he was having an affair with. Fortunately for some reason at the time I declined. How basin was he to expect to put me & the others in a situation where neither spouses at the time knew our partners were having an affair. While married to this man on my birthday he decided we would celebrate by going out on our boat. Not exactly my choice of venue for the celebration. When we arrived home from work he informed me he had invited a female friend. I was not impressed. We, all three went for a short ride on the boat. He then invited this woman stranger to me, back to our home for dinner. I cooked dinner for us all.

When this woman needed to go to the toilet I gave her instructions how to find the toilet. She commented I already know where the toilet is. It appeared she had been to our home with my husband previously without my knowledge. She seemed very keen on my husband. This was hardly an enjoyable birthday for me.

Around this point in time I was attending psychic development classes. I was psychic from a child. While I was married to this man I told him he would end up in a wheel chair. He went around telling his friends and relatives I was mad. About 5 years after my divorce I found out he had a fall & injured his spine and was in a wheel chair for the remainder of his life . Many years later I was talking to some people who knew him & informed me he also had sex with men. On reflection at that time I recalled he did have a particular friend who  had a female wife & baby and I am told  has sex with men.

This relationship for me was one from hell. He almost sent me mad with his lies and deceit .  This story continues as of today.  Following the divorce I began talking to my X husband again.  Following his accident, which left him in a wheel chair as I predicted.  He has keep in touch and told me about his life. When I saw him for the first time in a wheel chair my heart bleed for him in sorrow.    For those who believe in Karma , the seed you sew you shall reap or  what ever you want to call it I have seen it first hand.  My X husband following his accident married a woman who I was aware chased after him for years following our divorce. Even when my X husband left Sydney to go to Nowra for work, hoping to get away from this woman she  appealed to his mother to allow her to stay with my X husbands mother.

She had no assets and no career or job prospects.  My X was her meal ticket.   Once he was in a wheel chair he was in no position to go around picking up individuals to date or have sex with. In fact given he was paralysed from the waist down he was no longer able to have sex.  Therefore my X married this woman.

He then had many conversations with me how she would not come home until 2am in the morning.   He explained how he lay awake waiting for her  distressed knowing she was with another man.  I reminded him how that is exactly what he did to me.  I also reminded him how badly he had treated his current wife prior to his accident.  It had all come back to him in Karma.  When we were married my X had the operation not to have any more children.  I had one child from my first marriage and he had two from a woman he had lived with . We did not want more children.    Following the accident  he was unable to have sex , an interesting thing happened.

His then and now  current wife  who had never had children fell pregnant.  She claimed it occurred by her home own artificial insemination.   “What a crock”   My X knew is was a lot of bull.  When the child was old enough to talk she used to come home and talk about how she had visited her real dad.   My X was upset to say the least .   How Karma can catch up with people. This  current wife of my x husband is now paying the price for her ways.  She has breast cancer and has had two operations . (no breast any more)   How Karma can catch up with you.    Those interested in the concept of Karma ,  my experiences have given me so much proof .  While bad things can happen to good people so does the concept of Karma interest many of us.  It makes us realise revenge is not the answer .  Leave it to God and God’s will or Karma  .

Weddiing_photo_2 Photo of myself and my x husband getting married

Learn  As they say what goes around comes around.  Same as Karma Same as ” The Seed you sew you shall reap”

While Karma applies to the not so good things we do it also is know to apply to the good deeds we do, as they say ten fold .

I have seen this many times in my life.  Someone I knew had a husband who made millions of dollars and yet all of a sudden all was gone. In my understanding if we use unethical ways to obtain what we think we want Karma can catch up with you and take back.  If we give of our time or generous of our money it also can come back to us.  I am living proof of that.

I am an Actor/Writer/Commercial Model/Producer and Psychic medium.   I only do psychic readings for Charity/Public appearance’s and those in need.  This is my way of giving back for  all the gifts I have to earn a living. I am strong and have always used this skill to stand up for the less strong.  I take risks to do that.  But I believe it all comes back to me in good Karma.   My current project is  VIRGINIA LAWTON CHILDREN SHOW  . I will be producing this short film in a fun way so children want to watch it and it will also contain content in a fun way to teach children how to protect themselves from abuse, abduction and other safety items.  As a new producer I was so fortunate to gain a well credited Producer/Director that has agreed to be my Director and mentor me as a new producer.  He believes in assisting new talent.  That is what I call good Karma for my good deeds done most of my life.  I have seen others where cheat and you will be cheated on.    I have seen that  occur so often.

Also know as ” Seek first  the kingdom of heaven and all the rest will come to you.”  I am living proof of that also.

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