Obesity .The Cause of numerous health problems

We live in a democracy , with free speech for those of you who did not understand and wrote to me. This is a Child Protection. Health & Economy issue Kind regards Virginia Lawton


Australia, USA & UK always rank top  for obesity. Having studied Health & research obesity is a major problem facing our countries . McDonalds should pay our health costs associated with obesity,  with their high marketing budget.  They target our children and we should all say get out of our Country.

See this recent article .

McDonald’s plans to build a huge 24/7 store and drive-through in our town on the Dandenong ranges — demolishing local iconic buildings on the site and ensuring it goes directly opposite the kindergarten and school.

For our kids, the nearby national park and our beautiful small-town culture, there could be nothing worse.

Every day, kids as young as five years old would need to walk past a giant advertisement for junk food just to go to school. This is despite health experts warning of the damaging impact of junk food on young children —…

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