Our Failing Health System in Australia.

Our Failing Health System in Australia..

Further Shameful Decisions Made at Australian Hospitals . Namely Darwin Hospital in January 2014

I wrote the above blog named ” Our Failing Health System In Australia” in July 2013.  Since then all levels of Government’s in Australia have made statements to in prove the health system in Australia.  However experiences of inadequate service to patients continue.  I have experienced it myself several times since July 2013.  In my own view medical staff are not given enough time to proper assess and treat patients.  Myself and those I communicate with say that as patients “you feel like you are rushed in and out of any medical centre, hospital  without proper assessment and treatment. ” One very recent January 2014  example for myself was when I was returning from Manila I had to be taken off a plane during a stop over in Darwin due to severe ill health and taken to Darwin hospital . This was on my way home from Manila  to Brisbane Queensland Australia International airport.  During my admission to the emergency department at Darwin Australia hospital they did tests gave me pain relief, and then told me to leave.  There was no flight until the following morning.  I had to go to  a motel for the night alone  in an extremely unwell condition.  Darwin hospital gave me a clearance to fly but informed me that I needed further tests to identify the nature of the severe stomach problem when I arrived home.  There was a possibility I could have contracted a serious medical  condition while visiting Manila.  They refused to keep me overnight for further tests, medical treatment & observations.  They said  ” While it is quite now we have to be prepared that there may be an influx of patients later from Indonesia” .  As an Australian Tax payer I found that insulting and inadequate.    I was so ill that shortly after I finally arrived home to Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia I had to be hospitalised again under my private health fund  for tests and treatment in an infectious unit. Tell us your experiences where  our Australian Health System has failed you.


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