Bio: PSYCHIC MEDIUM I have a long history of acute accurate messaging. Over 30 years. Please view my other general website http://lawton37.wix.com/virginia-lawton- for more details and PUBLIC PREDICTIONS My training includes, meditation, teacup, cards, clairvoyance, astrology, basis numerology, spirituality, dream interpretation and more. I also read TAROT. My own astrology chart demonstrates my psychic nature. I am looking to join an English Speaking Newspaper as a Celebrity Psychic Medium. Links to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and; IMDB pages all give you further evidence of my capacity. I get messages from the other side. See Hear Feel and; other methods of communication. I can read in person or by phone, skype,and email from Photo Image. Some of my most recent public messages and predictions include a Lost stolen child, The USA President-Elect and Miranda Kerr. They are posted on my LinkedIn and other Wix Website. My qualifications and experience is also posted on LinkedIn, inclusive of Social Sciences Uni training. I also have extensive experience in Social Welfare and Counselling work.

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